Pentair OptiFlo Above-Ground Pumps







The OptiFlo aboveground pool pump, made by Pentair Pool Products, is the most economical and serviceable pump offered. All components on the unit are fiberglass reinforced, ensuring longevity and improved strength. With the ability to discharge horizontally or vertically, the OptiFlo is compatible to almost any aboveground pool system. The OptiFlo is made with a twist and lock clear strainer lid, making basket access easier while the larger strainer housing decreases the number of cleanings and allows the OptiFlo to efficiently perform for longer periods of time. The OptiFlo pump is available in single and dual-speed. The dual-speed pumps increases proficiency ratings by 48% and allows you to circulate your pool water for a full 24 hours and still lower your energy cost. The pumps come with an NEC twist lock safety cord.