Black Diamond Above-Ground Cartridge Filter System







The Black Diamond is a high-powered Cartridge Filter System that will deliver many years of trouble free operation and filters four times finer particles than a sand filter. The Patented Black Diamond cartridge requires the least amount of maintenance and removes the most dirt keeping your pool water sparkling clear and clean. The secret is the chain link webbing that backs the Reemay filter media keeping the cartridge from collapsing and allowing it to hold more dirt than any cartridge on the market. The Black Diamond cartridge system’s technology has set the standard for quality, superior flow rates, and unmatched water quality. The Black Diamond Cartridge filter system features a rugged tank that is constructed of tough, weather resistant and corrosion proof polymers. The Black Diamond elements require a minimum of cleaning, insuring hassle free operation and requires no tools in servicing. Included with the Filter are the base, two slice valves and a large assortment of adapters to connect the tank to any pump.